Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vapor Ultra Gave Away Free Electronic Cigarettes In Exchange For Smokers Traditional Packs Of Cigarettes.

Vapor Ultra used the opportunity to spread the word about the benefits of electronic cigarettes and about their low prices by giving away free electronic cigarettes to any smoker willing to give up their pack of traditional cigarettes


Vapor Ultra, an electronic cigarette provider, gave away free electronic cigarettes to smokers who were willing to trade their cigarettes for a free smokeless cigarettes. Oceanside California has a weekly street fair that usually builds a crowd of several thousand people. During last weeks street fair, 6 team members from Vapor Ultra decided to give away 100 disposable electronic cigarettes to spread the word about the benefits involved with electronic cigarettes and to promote their website and low prices. "Our disposable electronic cigarettes last as long as two packs of cigarettes, plus there is no carbon monoxide, tar, second hand smoke or 4000+ chemicals that are said to be found in traditional cigarettes. We wanted the opportunity to tell everyone about the benefits of electronic cigarettes and about our low prices. All in all, not one person was disappointed and everyone seemed to be extremely impressed with our products and design."
"It seems that everyone's biggest concern about electronic cigarettes is the price and when they found out that our disposable cigarettes are $7 and that our electronic starter kits are only $20, they were amazed. Most of the people we got to speak with never would have thought twice about buying smokeless cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or disposable electronic cigarettes. Once we gave them the chance to try them and explained to them about our prices, they said they would make the switch" commented Aaron Hill of Vapor Ultra. Levi Schultz of Oceanside, CA said "I always thought e-cig's were expensive and weak, but these are amazing. I seriously can see myself smoking these, and the price is way cheaper than paying $6 a pack, I feel I made a good choice giving up my pack of cigarettes".
While the Vapor Ultra team walked around speaking with different people, they also were picking up cigarette butts and putting them in a clear bucket for all to see. Natally Loveless of Oceanside, CA said "I hope they do get the message across, because there are so many cigarette butts on this street after the fair. I don't smoke, nor do I feel you should use smokeless cigarettes if you don't smoke at all, but I do support electronic cigarettes as an alternative, what ever it takes to keep our streets and beach from being an ashtray.
Vapor Ultra is a electronic cigarette provider located in San Diego, CA. They are most popular for their free give aways, low prices and easy to use two piece design electronic cigarette. According to Vapor Ultra, Tuesday May 15th, they are getting two new electronic cigarettes to add to their website for more advanced users, the Ego-T and the LavaTube.


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