Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vapor Ultra Electronic Cigarette Huge Price Drop

Vapor Ultra is having a HUGE price drop on their electronic cigarette starter kits! 

 Vapor Ultra Top Rated Electronic Cigarette Provider

  Smoking tobacco has always been popular and always will for decades to come. but, with new laws putting bans on where you can smoke cigarettes and with new tax hikes on cigarettes, it's getting harder to enjoy a nice puff here or there. Not to mention how non-smokers are starting to get upset if you smoke anywhere near them because of the health risks involved. Don't get discouraged and quit just because of these reasons. Instead, it is time for everyone to learn about smoking alternatives and whats better on our health and on our wallet. Instead of smoking tobacco cigarettes, smokers looking for healthier alternatives and cheaper smoking options should consider Vapor Ultra Electronic Cigarettes.
  Electronic cigarettes also known as a ecig, smokeless cigarette, or e-cigarette is a simple two piece device that is battery operated and delivers controlled amounts of water vaporized nicotine, which you can choose your favorite flavor and desired nicotine strength. The proprietary electronic cigarette from Vapor Ultra looks, feels and tastes just like a regular traditional cigarette. This makes your transition to electronic cigarettes as smooth as possible, some people see NO difference and in fact, most like the taste and look a lot better than traditional cigarettes. We designed our e-cigarettes to resemble traditional cigarettes in EVERY way possible, allowing you to enjoy your e-cigarette and relax while not taking a huge hit to your wallet and taking in 4000+ chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes. You will immediately notice upon your first hit of the Vapor Ultra cigarette that it not only creates a great amount of vapor but it creates vapor almost effortlessly. 
  The Vapor Ultra smokeless cigarette does not produce combustible smoke like a cigarette does. Instead of producing smoke like traditional cigarettes, the Vapor Ultra E-Cigarette vaporizes a liquid solution called E-Liquid into a inhalable vapor. This smoke like vapor does not contain tar, carbon monoxide and the majority of the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, however it can contain nicotine just like traditional cigarettes!
  While there are various options for electronic cigarettes on the market, Vapor Ultra has the fastest shipping out of any electronic cigarette company, PERIOD. Vapor Ultra is the most trusted Electronic Cigarette website and they are dedicated to perfection and unparalleled customer service. Add that in with the top rated electronic cigarettes, starter kits, refill cartridges, disposable cigarettes and accessories, then you have a top notch go to site right there! Vapor Ultra has 6 different flavors to choose from and 4 different strengths of nicotine to choose from as well. Cowboy Red is their most favorite and MY personal favorite as well, it tastes like a smooth, lite marlboro taste in a way, it's a must try! The refill cartridges are equal to 15 - 30 cigarettes or a pack to a pack and a half and for only $8.95 you get 5 CARTRIDGES! Yes, thats right! Thats like paying $1.71 for a Pack OR MORE of traditional cigarettes. Oh, and .... no tax! It's obvious why you would save by making the switch to Vapor Ultra Electronic Cigarettes. Most electronic cigarette users notice an immediate 75% savings over traditional cigarettes! Not to mention, No Tar, No Second Hand Smoke, No Harsh Chemicals, No Smells, No Smoke, No Ash, No Bad Breath AND YOU CAN SMOKE ANYWHERE, Ugh, Yeah, count me in!
  To make things even better, Vapor Ultra has a lifetime warranty on their batteries, Price Match Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With their simple two piece design and disposable cartridges, you don't have to worry about fumbling around with 6 different pieces trying to put your e-cigarette together and having to mess with pure nicotine and having to drip it in your e-cigarette like other electronic cigarette designs. Each Vapor Ultra Electronic Cigarette Cartridge has a fresh new atomizer in each one, so every time you put in a new cartridge it's like getting a new electronic cigarette. With other e-cig designs you have to replace the atomizer after so many uses and thats not cost efficient nor convenient. The Vapor Ultra Electronic Cigarette has a 210mAh battery, which that battery you will not have to continuously charge throughout the day just to enjoy your e-cig.
Obviously, the Vapor Ultra electronic cigarette has SO MUCH to offer the everyday smoker. The vapor ultra smokeless two piece design electronic cigarette makes it possible to smoke without getting any criticism in public, the incredible price helps you to save money immediately over traditional tobacco cigarettes, and not having tar, harsh chemicals or second hand smoke its obvious why its the healthier option. 
So make the switch to Vapor Ultra Electronic Cigarettes today! With their top rated products and fastest shipping, it's a no brainer! Vapor Ultra customers average 3 days to receive their order from the day they placed it.

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